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Peon service

The Peon service is a task execution engine spawned by the MiddleManager. Each Peon runs a separate JVM and is responsible for executing a single task. Peons always run on the same host as the MiddleManager that spawned them.


For Apache Druid Peon configuration, see Peon Query Configuration and Additional Peon Configuration.

For basic tuning guidance for MiddleManager tasks, see Basic cluster tuning.

HTTP endpoints

Peons run a single task in a single JVM. The MiddleManager is responsible for creating Peons for running tasks. Peons should rarely run on their own.


The Peon should seldom run separately from the MiddleManager, except for development purposes.

org.apache.druid.cli.Main internal peon <task_file> <status_file>

The task file contains the task JSON object. The status file indicates where the task status will be output.