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Apache® Druid

A high performance, real-time analytics database that delivers sub-second queries on streaming and batch data at scale and under load.

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Sub-second queries at any scale

Execute OLAP queries in milliseconds on high-cardinality and high-dimensional data sets with billions to trillions of rows without pre-defining or caching queries in advance.

High concurrency at the lowest cost

Build real-time analytics applications that supports 100s to 100,000s queries per second at consistent performance with a highly efficient architecture that uses less infrastructure than other databases.

Real-time and historical insights

Unlock streaming data potential through Druid's native integration with Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis as it supports query-on-arrival at millions of events per second, low latency ingestion, and guaranteed consistency.

Key Druid Features

Interactive Query Engine

Druid utilizes scatter/gather for high speed queries with data preloaded into memory or local storage to avoid data movement and network latency.

Tiering & QoS

Configurable tiering with quality of service enables the ideal price-performance for mixed workloads, guarantees priority, and avoids resource contention.

Optimized Data Format

Ingested data is automatically columnarized, time-indexed, dictionary-encoded, bitmap-indexed, and type-aware compressed.

Elastic Architecture

Loosely coupled components for ingestion, queries, and orchestration combined with a deep storage layer enable easy & quick scale-up & scale-out.

True Stream Ingestion

A connector-free integration with streaming platforms enables query-on-arrival, high scalability, low latency, and guaranteed consistency.

Non-stop Reliability

Automatic data services including continuous backup, automated recovery, and multi-node replication ensure high availability and durability.

Schema Auto-Discovery

Druid can automatically detect, define, and update column names and data types upon ingestion, providing the ease of schemaless and the performance of strongly typed schemas.

Flexible Joins Support

Druid supports join operations during data ingestion and at query-time execution, with the fastest query performance when tables are pre-joined during ingestion.

SQL Support

Developers and analysts can easily use the familiar SQL API for end-to-end data operations across ingestion, transformation, and querying.

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