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Druid AWS RDS Module

AWS RDS is a managed service to operate relation databases such as PostgreSQL, Mysql etc. These databases could be accessed using static db password mechanism or via AWS IAM temporary tokens. This module provides AWS RDS token password provider implementation to be used with mysql-metadata-store or postgresql-metadata-store when mysql/postgresql is operated using AWS RDS.

{ "type": "aws-rds-token", "user": "USER", "host": "HOST", "port": PORT, "region": "AWS_REGION" }

Before using this password provider, please make sure that you have connected all dots for db user to connect using token. See AWS Guide.

To use this extension, make sure you include it in your config file along with other extensions e.g.

druid.extensions.loadList=["druid-aws-rds-extensions", "postgresql-metadata-storage", ...]