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Microsoft SQLServer

To use this Apache Druid extension, include sqlserver-metadata-storage in the extensions load list.

Setting up SQLServer

  1. Install Microsoft SQLServer

  2. Create a druid database and user

    Create the druid user

  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Security - Logins - New Login...

  • Create a druid user, enter diurd when prompted for the password.

    Create a druid database owned by the user we just created

  • Databases - New Database

  • Database Name: druid, Owner: druid

  1. Add the Microsoft JDBC library to the Druid classpath
  • To ensure the class is loaded you will have to add the appropriate Microsoft JDBC library (sqljdbc*.jar) to the Druid classpath.
  • For instance, if all jar files in your "druid/lib" directory are automatically added to your Druid classpath, then manually download the Microsoft JDBC drivers from ( and drop it into my druid/lib directory.
  1. Configure your Druid metadata storage extension:

    Add the following parameters to your Druid configuration, replacing <host> with the location (host name and port) of the database.<host>;databaseName=druid