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Rackspace Cloud Files

To use this Apache Druid extension, include druid-cloudfiles-extensions in the extensions load list.

Deep Storage

Rackspace Cloud Files is another option for deep storage. This requires some additional Druid configuration.

PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault be set. Cloud Files region.Must be set. Cloud Files container name.Must be set. Cloud Files base path to use in the container.Must be set. of tries before cancel a Rackspace operation.10
druid.cloudfiles.userNameRackspace Cloud usernameMust be set.
druid.cloudfiles.apiKeyRackspace Cloud API key.Must be set.
druid.cloudfiles.providerrackspace-cloudfiles-us,rackspace-cloudfiles-ukName of the provider depending on the region.Must be set.
druid.cloudfiles.useServiceNettrue,falseWhether to use the internal service net.true



This firehose ingests events, similar to the StaticAzureBlobStoreFirehose, but from Rackspace's Cloud Files.

Data is newline delimited, with one JSON object per line and parsed as per the InputRowParser configuration.

The storage account is shared with the one used for Rackspace's Cloud Files deep storage functionality, but blobs can be in a different region and container.

As with the Azure blobstore, it is assumed to be gzipped if the extension ends in .gz

This firehose is splittable and can be used by native parallel index tasks. Since each split represents an object in this firehose, each worker task of index_parallel will read an object.

Sample spec:

"firehose" : {
"type" : "static-cloudfiles",
"blobs": [
"region": "DFW"
"container": "container",
"path": "/path/to/your/file.json"
"region": "ORD"
"container": "anothercontainer",
"path": "/another/path.json"

This firehose provides caching and prefetching features. In IndexTask, a firehose can be read twice if intervals or shardSpecs are not specified, and, in this case, caching can be useful. Prefetching is preferred when direct scan of objects is slow.

typeThis should be static-cloudfiles.N/Ayes
blobsJSON array of Cloud Files blobs.N/Ayes
maxCacheCapacityBytesMaximum size of the cache space in bytes. 0 means disabling cache.1073741824no
maxCacheCapacityBytesMaximum size of the cache space in bytes. 0 means disabling cache. Cached files are not removed until the ingestion task completes.1073741824no
maxFetchCapacityBytesMaximum size of the fetch space in bytes. 0 means disabling prefetch. Prefetched files are removed immediately once they are read.1073741824no
fetchTimeoutTimeout for fetching a Cloud Files object.60000no
maxFetchRetryMaximum retry for fetching a Cloud Files object.3no

Cloud Files Blobs:

containerName of the Cloud Files containerN/Ayes
pathThe path where data is located.N/Ayes