Apache Druid (incubating) is a high-performance, column-oriented, distributed data store.

Druid is an open source data store designed for real-time exploratory analytics on large data sets. Druid's key features are a column-oriented storage layout, a distributed shared-nothing architecture, and ability to generate and leverage indexing and caching structures. Druid is typically deployed in clusters of tens to hundreds of nodes, and has the ability to load data from Apache Kafka and Apache Hadoop, among other data sources. Druid offers two query languages: a SQL dialect (powered by Apache Calcite) and a JSON-over-HTTP API.

After years of development as an independent project and deployment at hundreds of sites, Druid has recently begun incubation at Apache! We have migrated our GitHub repo and will soon be migrating our project web site. To join the Druid development community, subscribe to our Apache dev list (dev@druid.apache.org) by sending a mail to dev-subscribe@druid.apache.org. For usage-oriented discussion, please keep using the existing druid-user@googlegroups.com list until we migrate that one too.

This web site is a placeholder until we have migrated our current community site from http://druid.io/. For downloads of pre-Apache releases and for detailed project information, please visit that website.


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