Table of Contents

Single Server Deployments

Druid includes a set of reference configurations and launch scripts for single-machine deployments:

  • micro-quickstart
  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • xlarge

The micro-quickstart is sized for small machines like laptops and is intended for quick evaluation use-cases.

The other configurations are intended for general use single-machine deployments. They are sized for hardware roughly based on Amazon's i3 series of EC2 instances.

The startup scripts for these example configurations run a single ZK instance along with the Druid services. You can choose to deploy ZK separately as well.

The example configurations run the Druid Coordinator and Overlord together in a single process using the optional configuration druid.coordinator.asOverlord.enabled=true, described in the Coordinator configuration documentation.

While example configurations are provided for very large single machines, at higher scales we recommend running Druid in a clustered deployment, for fault-tolerance and reduced resource contention.

Single Server Reference Configurations

Micro-Quickstart: 4 CPU, 16GB RAM

Launch command: bin/start-micro-quickstart Configuration directory: conf/druid/single-server/micro-quickstart

Small: 8 CPU, 64GB RAM (~i3.2xlarge)

Launch command: bin/start-small Configuration directory: conf/druid/single-server/small

Medium: 16 CPU, 128GB RAM (~i3.4xlarge)

Launch command: bin/start-medium Configuration directory: conf/druid/single-server/medium

Large: 32 CPU, 256GB RAM (~i3.8xlarge)

Launch command: bin/start-large Configuration directory: conf/druid/single-server/large

X-Large: 64 CPU, 512GB RAM (~i3.16xlarge)

Launch command: bin/start-xlarge Configuration directory: conf/druid/single-server/xlarge