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Loading Streams

Streams can be ingested in Apache Druid (incubating) using either Tranquility (a Druid-aware client) or the Kafka Indexing Service.

Tranquility (Stream Push)

If you have a program that generates a stream, then you can push that stream directly into Druid in real-time. With this approach, Tranquility is embedded in your data-producing application. Tranquility comes with bindings for the Storm and Samza stream processors. It also has a direct API that can be used from any JVM-based program, such as Spark Streaming or a Kafka consumer.

Tranquility handles partitioning, replication, service discovery, and schema rollover for you, seamlessly and without downtime. You only have to define your Druid schema.

For examples and more information, please see the Tranquility README.

A tutorial is also available at Tutorial: Loading stream data using HTTP push.

Kafka Indexing Service (Stream Pull)

Druid can pulll data from Kafka streams using the Kafka Indexing Service.

The Kafka indexing service enables the configuration of supervisors on the Overlord, which facilitate ingestion from Kafka by managing the creation and lifetime of Kafka indexing tasks. These indexing tasks read events using Kafka's own partition and offset mechanism and are therefore able to provide guarantees of exactly-once ingestion. They are also able to read non-recent events from Kafka and are not subject to the window period considerations imposed on other ingestion mechanisms. The supervisor oversees the state of the indexing tasks to coordinate handoffs, manage failures, and ensure that the scalability and replication requirements are maintained.

A tutorial is available at Tutorial: Loading stream data from Kafka.