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Geographic Queries

Apache Druid (incubating) supports filtering specially spatially indexed columns based on an origin and a bound.

Spatial Indexing

In any of the data specs, there is the option of providing spatial dimensions. For example, for a JSON data spec, spatial dimensions can be specified as follows:

    "type": "hadoop",
    "dataSchema": {
        "dataSource": "DatasourceName",
        "parser": {
            "type": "string",
            "parseSpec": {
                "format": "json",
                "timestampSpec": {
                    "column": "timestamp",
                    "format": "auto"
                "dimensionsSpec": {
                    "dimensions": [],
                    "spatialDimensions": [{
                        "dimName": "coordinates",
                        "dims": ["lat", "long"]
property description required?
dimName The name of the spatial dimension. A spatial dimension may be constructed from multiple other dimensions or it may already exist as part of an event. If a spatial dimension already exists, it must be an array of coordinate values. yes
dims A list of dimension names that comprise a spatial dimension. no

Spatial Filters

The grammar for a spatial filter is as follows:

"filter" : {
    "type": "spatial",
    "dimension": "spatialDim",
    "bound": {
        "type": "rectangular",
        "minCoords": [10.0, 20.0],
        "maxCoords": [30.0, 40.0]



property description required?
minCoords List of minimum dimension coordinates for coordinates [x, y, z, …] yes
maxCoords List of maximum dimension coordinates for coordinates [x, y, z, …] yes


property description required?
coords Origin coordinates in the form [x, y, z, …] yes
radius The float radius value yes