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Management UIs

Druid Console

Druid provides a console for managing datasources, segments, tasks, data processes (Historicals and MiddleManagers), and coordinator dynamic configuration. The user can also run SQL and native Druid queries within the console.

The Druid Console is hosted by the Router process. We recommend running the Router process on your Query server.

In addition, the following cluster settings must be enabled:

After enabling Druid SQL on the Brokers and deploying a Router with the managment proxy enabled, the Druid console can be accessed at:


The Druid Console contains all of the functionality provided by the older consoles described below, which are still available if needed. The legacy consoles may be replaced by the Druid Console in the future.

For more information on the features of the Druid Console have a look at the Druid Console overview

Legacy Consoles

These older consoles provide a subset of the functionality of the Druid Console. We recommend using the Druid Console if possible.

Coordinator Consoles

Version 2

The Druid Coordinator exposes a web console for displaying cluster information and rule configuration. After the Coordinator starts, the console can be accessed at:


There exists a full cluster view (which shows indexing tasks and Historical processes), as well as views for individual Historical processes, datasources and segments themselves. Segment information can be displayed in raw JSON form or as part of a sortable and filterable table.

The Coordinator console also exposes an interface to creating and editing rules. All valid datasources configured in the segment database, along with a default datasource, are available for configuration. Rules of different types can be added, deleted or edited.

Version 1

The oldest version of Druid's Coordinator console is still available for backwards compatibility at:


Overlord Console

The Overlord console can be used to view pending tasks, running tasks, available workers, and recent worker creation and termination. The console can be accessed at: